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we change the future
We will move forward towards our big dreams

We are waiting for you to join CNDPLUS


​ Dormitory provided

For employees who spend a lot of time commuting to and leaving work

​Offered dormitory

Employee condominium use

Resorts and condominiums contracted with us are available

Group insurance and health checkup

Four major insurances and comprehensive health checkup once a year

Condolences and condolences

Payment of expenses related to various congratulations and condolences

- birthday

- marriage

- Other

meal provided

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner provided

(Using the company-designated restaurant)

event management

- New Year's party

- Year-end party

- workshop

- Picnic

- Athletic Competition

vacation use

- 15 basic annual leave

- Free use of half car

severance pay

- Introduction of retirement pension system

- Operate its own severance pay system

long-term service award

From 10 years of continuous service, on a regular basis

​ Long-term service award

Other benefits

Support for education expenses and purchase of books

​holiday gift or voucher

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